Cold December Fishing

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Uncategorized
A good day on Puget Sound

A good day on Puget Sound

The wind has been calm the last few days, allowing us to fish most of the good areas.  Blackmouth have been biting well, deep though.  We have the local Turkey Bowl fishing derby coming up on the 20th.  This is a charitable derby, usually with around 30 participants.  I think we will have some big fish weighed in this year.  My best lures have been Tomic Plugs and Hootchie/Flashers.  Fish the 120′-150′ depths, running your gear 90′-120′ down.  The small shakers have not been much of a problem lately. 


Capt. Matt

  1. Marty says:

    Hello there capt. I heard the Turkey Bowl was postponed? Do you know when it’s going to be? Depending on the weather I might hit the Harbor with my little 12 footer.

    • captmatt says:


      The Turkey Bowl is scheduled for Saturday Jan 10. Good luck out on the water, it looks good today.

      Happy New Year


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