The Mother of all Steelhead

Posted: December 13, 2008 in fishing, Uncategorized
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This one has been stewing in my pic box for a while.  My friends and I do an annual trip up to B.C. to fish the Skeena river tribs for Steelhead.  This is usually a Fall trip with cold weather the norm.  The drive from Seattle Wa is about 17hrs but well worth the work.  Fishing is usually very productive, with spoons and flies being top choices.  The shot at a 20lb plus Steelhead is very real, we have caught them every year we have done the trip.  Steve Marris caught what could be a record for a female steelhead, I was just a cast away when I broke off.  Here is the picture of the Mother of All hens, this fish was 43″ length 22″ girth and fought like a pitbull.

Capt. Matt


Giant Steelhead

  1. Al says:

    thats an amazing Steelhead! what do you think it weighed?

  2. johnnyj says:

    WOW. I see an adipose fin.

    Nice work!

  3. Neal says:

    Ah! The MOH! I love that fish. It is why we go.

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