Seattle Fishing Lingcod and Spot Prawns

Posted: April 2, 2009 in fishing
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Ling cod season opens on may 2 in Puget sound.  We will be fishing the Spot Prawn days as well they are usually 2 days a week through may.  The Ling Cod fishing should be great this year, with all the nearly legal fish we have been releasing in the past years.  This is an exciting fishery and a great starting point for the new angler.  My favorite technique is to use live bait, fishing near reefs and wrecks.  Ling Cod are a strong fighting fish and excellent table fare.   Spot Prawn fishing is conducted with pots, and are one of the best eating shrimp to be found.  The limit on Ling Cod is 1 per person and 80 spot prawns per person.  Come out for a day and enjoy the bounty of the Sound. 


Capt. Mattshrimpimgp0760roan-ling

  1. Great post , i like your writing 🙂

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