We will be kicking off the Seattle salmon fishing season on June 1.  June is a catch and release season for all salmon.  This can be a very good fishery for people who dont want to keep the fish yet like to catch them.  We have some of the largest  kings of the season landed every year in the June fishery.  These are predominantly wild summer Chinook heading for the South Sound rivers.  July is the opener to keep Coho salmon (silver).  These fish are great eating and provide good action.  Kings are still catch and release until the 15th, yet ad to the action and are a very memorable experience to catch.  July 15th is the opener for King salmon and will be open until the end of August.  We will be targeting Kings at this time, yet can still keep Coho.  The limit for salmon is 2 per person, 2 hatchery kings or 2 hatchery coho or a combination of the two.  This year is a Pink year (humpy) the limit for pinks is 4 this year.  Pinks are a great fish to catch and provide for fast action when we get into them.  My favorite way to catch Coho and Pinks is by trolling surface flies  this provides some great visual action as well as a great battle when hooked up on light spinning or fly rods. 

Come out and enjoy a morning or afternoon on the Sound.  We have daily departures from Shilshole Bay Marina (Seattle) or from the Harbor Pub Marina on Bainbridge Island. 



Capt. Matt


  1. Just found your site. I am an ex NW. It has been almost 11 years since I lived there and loved catching salmon. Loved eating it too. I will add you to my blog roll.
    Tight lines

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