Confessions of a Dead Head

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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The Dead

The Dead

Photo-0058  My name is Matt, I am a Dead Head.  It has been since the summer of ’94 since my last shows, at Memorial Stadium in Seattle Wa.  The Dead have been a driving force in my music and inspiration.  I can still hear Jerry and Bob warming up noodling through riffs and small talk, squabling about the finer points of tone and time.  Vivid memories of “shakedown street” out side the shows in the parking lot.  Many more memories of good times, fishing, driving, and relaxing with the sweet sounds of Jerry and the gang working over some old blue grass. 

  Many will know that the Dead have started a new tour.  The sound of The Dead has been finely tuned and from what I have heard has tightened up into a fluid working machine.  Since purchasing tickets to the 5/16/09 show at the Gorge, I have been absolutely ecstatic.  My time is becoming encompassed with the music of the Dead.  I have been listening to live shows recently played on the East coast.  XM radio The Grateful Dead channel, has been a wonderfull compliment to any Dead head and a great homage to a bands timeless energy and passion for great music.  My friend John has sent me some pics from a live show in Philadelphia, brought back the good feelings and memories from my first and last shows.  I dont expect the same, but maybe a little light and spark from Jerry that will forever be part of the Dead.  I am sure the big guy has had a giggle or two, I can see him smiling, maybe eating an M&M. 

Enjoying the ride,

Capt. Matt


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