I have been thinking about how one would find Ling Cod habitat.  Growing up in and around the Sound, I have always known a few good locations for finding Lings.  Rocks and Wrecks within reasonable striking distance of my home port on Bainbridge Island.  I am not going to give up the locations freely, yet provide some tips on how to find them.  You will probably find your own magic Ling Cod hole, and we will never cross paths. 

  #1 Start with a good chart of Puget Sound or the area you want to fish.  Study the chart for structure and maybe a known wreck or two. 

  #2 Look for locations with natural or man made structure, intentional or not.

   #3  Divers are a great source of info, they are like Ling Cod and love shallow structure 😉  some times they are willing to tell you about what they see down under.

Ling Cod forage, is like finding the golden key.  They can be as tough as the Lings to find (ie Shiner Perch).  Internet searches of  forage fish spawning habitat, will help.  Visual searches of marinas and bays could be the ticket.

Remember that Lings must be at least 26″ to keep and no longer than 40″ . 


Capt. Matt


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