Salmon fishing on Puget Sound opens on Monday June 1.  The amount of bait present in the Sound is a good sign for things to come.  We will be targeting Salmon starting on June 1, as well as fishing for Ling Cod until the close on June 15th.  The June Salmon fishery is primarily Catch and Release.  We do have some options for keeping Salmon in Marine area 11, yet this tends to be a slower fishery in comparison.  The Catch and Release area is in the central Sound.  This fishery is usually very productive for Blackmouth (king Salmon) and migratory summer Kings.  Some of the larger fish of the year are landed and released during this time.  The amount of bait around, and reports of catches from local piers indicates this may start off with a bang.  July 1 is the opening day for retention on Coho Salmon, and July 15th is the opener for retention on King Salmon. 



Capt. Matt


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