Fishing has been good the past week, with some big fish coming to the boat.  We have had our best luck fishing in the 80-120′ range with 40-60′ of cable out.  Best lures have been spoons and hootchies.  The Kings are still moving through in waves and locations have been changing daily.  Coho and Pinks are making their way into the sound, we have had some good action lately on Pinks in the Westpoint area.   The north part of area 10 has been the most consistent producer.  We had a Great White sighting on Sunday morning 🙂 dont dangle your tows in the water.

A great way to end the dayDont look back, that could scare ya.A nice 15lber for the tableA good king to start the day
A great way to end the day
A nice 15lber for the table
A good morning mixed with coho and sharks
  1. Wow, nice fish. How I miss salmon.
    Tight lines

  2. Neal says:

    Go Alison!

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