Another xmas has passed.  Santa left us with muddy water and a Spruce tree on the Peninsula.  Fishing for wild and hatchery Steelhead has been very good in the Sol Duc and Bogachiel rivers.  We have been catching good numbers of fish for this time of year, which bodes well for the rest of the season.  Floats and Jigs, plugs, and side drifting bait  have produced the best for me.  Blackmouth fishing is picking up a little in the Seattle area.  Fishing traditional haunts such as Kingston, Jeff Head, and Blakely Harbor has produced some decent fish for persistent anglers.  Top picks for the sound would be Flasher and Spoon combo such as Cookies and Creme, Irish Flag, and Racetrack spoons. 

Steve Maris and I had a great day on a upper river float on the OP.  We had several Snider crk hatchery fish, as well as good assortment of wild ones.

Stam gets it done, again.



Capt. Matt

  1. Deane Phillips says:

    Good news!!

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