Ling Cod season ends on the 15th of June.  This has been a great fishery this year, some very good sized Lings have been landed over the past month.  Live bait has been producing the best action.  We have a few more days left, and some good tides to get them on.

  Catch and release fishing opened on the 1st of June in the north part of MA-10.  We have had some decent action for Blackmouth (chinook) and a few resident Coho.  The main part of the Salmon season gets going on the 1st of July with the opener for Coho retention, and then on the 16th for Chinook.  We should start seeing good numbers of Pink salmon around by the end of July.  Pink salmon arrive by the millions (2 mil) or so are expected back into Puget Sound watersheds this summer.  This is a great fishery for children and those looking for good action.  Pink salmon usually average 2-4lbs with bigger fish in the 5-8lb range.  The limit on Pinks is 4 per angler or a combination of 2 hatchery Chinook and 2 pinks, or 2 coho  and 2 pinks.  




Capt. Matt


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