Lots of options for fishing this week. Spring chinook have been biting well in the Sol Duc river. Lingcod are in a frenzy on the Sound, and the iconic Spot Prawns are on tap for Saturday. Shrimpers, remember to have enough line and scope for the depths you are fishing(300′) is usually sufficient for 200 or so feet of water. Remember that we have a strong tide on Saturday, and many pots will “walk” away if under weighted or short lined. Have fun and be safe!



Lots of outdoor gear on the market today, but what products really stand the test of time? I go through a lot of rain gear with my job. Working the rivers of the Olympic Peninsula we see annual rainfall over 130″. Quality outdoor gear is a requirement and not an option. The cold and damp will cut to the bone, for the non prepared. Many companies offer high end gear, but don’t have the field reputation of Carhartt. Carhartt has been a leader in the industry when it comes to rugged outdoor gear that will stand the harsh environment we love and work in.

See what Mike has to say about the working environment. ://budurl.com/EverydayIconFourtner





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