Usually I’m up before the birds, but my arch nemesis “peck peck” the Hairy Woodpecker has resorted to Gorilla tactics. I enjoy watching the Woodpeckers. We have quite a few, Pileated, Hairy, and the Flickers. Little “peck peck” is starting to ware on our last nerves. I am usually up around 4:30 am, lately “peck peck” is exactly 5 minutes before the alarm clock. What gives? And even worse now he just doesn’t go away. I pound on the wall and he mocks me with perfect beat. I throw gravel at him, and he just digs in and waits for the shelling to subside. I have been studying up on some local methods for deterring Peck Peck. One is to hang shiny objects, like handing an aspiring drummer a Hi Hat and Symbols. The other was building a house for him, no way. Im going to put my moms Ferrel cat Mr Becket in a harness and hang him up in the eves for a day, or night. This is war Peck Peck!



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