The battle with Peck Peck has many fronts. He seems to be sleeping in a little later the past few days. Maybe the Super Moon has addled his spring sprung brain? I am still gathering a battle plan, will report back when mission is underway.

Lingcod fishing has been outstanding this year, with many fish in the slot limit 26″-36″ and some monster oversize fish to keep things interesting. Many people inquire about tactics for the Lings. Here are some tips for catching live bait in Puget Sound.

Lingcod love a lively live bait. My favorites are Bullhead, Shiner Perch, and Sand Dabs. Bullhead are a very hardy bait and sometimes can be fished for multiple Lings. I catch Bullhead in the local marinas. Beef is a preferred bait for the Bullhead.
Shiner Perch move into local bays and marinas in the Spring. Subiki rigs for herring are my go to rig. A Subiki rig is a chain of small size10 hooks with little white wings. Jig the Subiki in schools of Shiners. Look in the shallower parts of the marinas. The Shiner will catch every thing on the bottom, and occasional Salmon. Keep that in mind when fishing known Rockfish areas, protected and endangered in Puget Sound.
Sand Dabs are probably the most used bait. We look for fish in the 3-4″ range. The size of hook used will help weed out the larger fish. I prefer a size 6 hook baited with Calamari. Sand Dabs are prolific in the Sound. My best depth currently is around 90′. Look for mud or sand bottoms throughout the Sound.

Capt. Matt



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