About Tyee Charters

Hi I am Captain Matt McCulloch, my wife Alison and I own and operate http://www.tyeecharters.net . We offer daily Salmon and Bottom fish trips on Puget Sound, as well as spectacular Steelhead fishing on Washintgons Olympic Peninsula. I grew up here on Bainbridge Island in the middle of Puget Sound. Salmon and Steelhead fishing in Washington has been a passion for me from a very young age. I started out Guiding anglers into Steelhead and Salmon on the Olympic Peninsula in 1994. In the Summer months I would make my way up to Alaska, working as a guide for some of the best camps and lodges in the area. While I dont guide in Alaska anymore, Salmon fishing on Puget Sound and Steelhead fishing on the Olympic peninsula keep me busy. Come and enjoy a great day chasing Steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula or fishing for Salmon on the calm waters of Puget Sound, with direct departures from Seattle.

Capt. matt

  1. Gary and Betsy Struckhoff says:

    We look forward to some fishing with you on the 26 and 27th of Jan., coming up soon. We visit with Barb and Kelly Hume on Bainbridge Is.,arriving on the 21st from St. Louis airport. We hope for fairly decent fishing weather, but we will prepare ourselves for colder temps, as we have fished on Lake Ozark in O temps for nine hours with great crappie fishing results. We are a diehard fishing pair! See you soon!

  2. Doctor Rick says:

    I could joke and tell you to run away from this site, but that would be if I wanted to keep Captain Matt McCulloch for myself and my friends.
    But , Good Captain Matt has chosen this for a lifestyle and so I must post my highest and best recommendation for him. We have been out together 7 or 8 times, as I recall, and he is the guy I recommend when friends ask. We are booked for another trip in a few weeks and I hope we can share many more together.


    Doctor rick

  3. Anthony Mega says:

    Hi Matt,

    Hoping to book a charter for 3 people in late August. We are from RI but will be in Seattle 8/21 to 8/26. Any suggestions?

    Tony Mega

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