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Puget sound Lingcod

Puget sound Lingcod

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A nice Puget Sound King

A nice Puget Sound King


Tyee Charters

Tyee Charters

Seattle King Salmon

Seattle King Salmon

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A little catching up to do on posts!  It’s been a great season with Lings, Kings, Silvers and lots of wildlife.  Were still catching Kings, and silvers are just making a showing.  It’s been a lot of deep fishing with warmer waters in the Sound.

Lingcod fishing is underway now in Puget Sound.  Fishing is fun for these toothy, hard fighting and tasty fish.  Live bait such as Sand Dabs and Shiner perch tend to produce lots of bites.   Capt. Matt

This wheel seems to be spinning faster with each year that goes by. Happy New Year to all! 2013 was a big year. We lost some great people, and gained many more. It was a great year of fishing in the Pacific North West! I had the pleasure of meeting great folks from as far away as New Zealand, China, India, Japan, New Foundland, Ireland and all over North America. Picked up some good stories, and a few funny jokes. What is best is meeting on common ground, sharing the passion for the outdoors. Looking forward to 2014! So far it’s been a great year. We welcomed it in, fishing in a favorite spot on the Sound. A glorious sun rise and calm water, a few good fish, and many laughs and stories with good people.

Capt. Matt







It’s been a good season for harvesting! Lings and kings have been on the menu lately. Ling fishing has been as good as it gets in local areas.




Capt Matt

Lingcod fishing has been great over the past few weeks. Limits have been the norm on past trips. Live bait has worked best, yet we’ve caught some nice fish on jigs as well. Spot Prawn season ends tomorrow. It was a great couple days, with colossal sized prawns (9-11) per lb. we’re going to get what’s left of em tomorrow. Ling season runs through June 15.







Old Grouse has been busy the past few weeks in Sappho. He drums up a whirl wind every time I open the front door. Dogwoods, Salmon berries, skunk cabbage, are all in bloom. This is a good indicator of Spring Kings entering the area rivers. We have had some up and down fishing this year. Early summer runs and a few Chinook are working up the rivers.
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Fishing continues to be great in the central part of Puget Sound. We have been catching a few more Chums lately, as well as Silvers. Flashers and hoochies fished at 90-120′ have produced the best action.

Capt. Matt



LingCod fishing is still going strong, only a few more days of this fishery. It has been a great season in Puget Sound for this tasty toothy critter. Salmon fishing has been good in MA 10 Catch and release area, and is showing some promise in MA 11 witch is open to retention. We have found most of our action on the bottom in 120-180′ of water. Spoons and flashers have produced best. I would expect things to really get going in the next few weeks.

Capt. Matt


Peck Peck was pounding the pipes at 4:50am. No need to set my alarm clock until I get more BB’s.

Lots of options for fishing on tap. Ling Cod, Spring Chinook and Halibut fishing are all in full swing. Last weeks Salmon fishing on the Olympic Peninsula was good, a few Summer Steelhead were in the mix as well. Lingcod fishing continues to be outstanding, limits of fish for the boat have been the norm. We are currently offering daily trips for Ling Cod, with Seattle and Bainbridge departures. Spring Chinook trips are based in Forks Washington, and will continue through June.








The battle with Peck Peck has many fronts. He seems to be sleeping in a little later the past few days. Maybe the Super Moon has addled his spring sprung brain? I am still gathering a battle plan, will report back when mission is underway.

Lingcod fishing has been outstanding this year, with many fish in the slot limit 26″-36″ and some monster oversize fish to keep things interesting. Many people inquire about tactics for the Lings. Here are some tips for catching live bait in Puget Sound.

Lingcod love a lively live bait. My favorites are Bullhead, Shiner Perch, and Sand Dabs. Bullhead are a very hardy bait and sometimes can be fished for multiple Lings. I catch Bullhead in the local marinas. Beef is a preferred bait for the Bullhead.
Shiner Perch move into local bays and marinas in the Spring. Subiki rigs for herring are my go to rig. A Subiki rig is a chain of small size10 hooks with little white wings. Jig the Subiki in schools of Shiners. Look in the shallower parts of the marinas. The Shiner will catch every thing on the bottom, and occasional Salmon. Keep that in mind when fishing known Rockfish areas, protected and endangered in Puget Sound.
Sand Dabs are probably the most used bait. We look for fish in the 3-4″ range. The size of hook used will help weed out the larger fish. I prefer a size 6 hook baited with Calamari. Sand Dabs are prolific in the Sound. My best depth currently is around 90′. Look for mud or sand bottoms throughout the Sound.

Capt. Matt