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Puget sound Lingcod

Puget sound Lingcod

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A nice Puget Sound King

A nice Puget Sound King


Tyee Charters

Tyee Charters

Seattle King Salmon

Seattle King Salmon

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A little catching up to do on posts!  It’s been a great season with Lings, Kings, Silvers and lots of wildlife.  Were still catching Kings, and silvers are just making a showing.  It’s been a lot of deep fishing with warmer waters in the Sound.


Lingcod fishing is underway now in Puget Sound.  Fishing is fun for these toothy, hard fighting and tasty fish.  Live bait such as Sand Dabs and Shiner perch tend to produce lots of bites.   Capt. Matt

It’s been a interesting winter here in the Great NorthWest. Dry and mild temps have been conducive to outdoor activities. My fruit trees think its spring, and damn Peck Peck is starting to patrol his drumming stations. Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula has been good for Wild Steelhead. Hopefully we get some more rain soon to keep the rivers in fishing shape. Chinook (blackmouth) fishing has been fair to good in marine areas 9 and 10.


This wheel seems to be spinning faster with each year that goes by. Happy New Year to all! 2013 was a big year. We lost some great people, and gained many more. It was a great year of fishing in the Pacific North West! I had the pleasure of meeting great folks from as far away as New Zealand, China, India, Japan, New Foundland, Ireland and all over North America. Picked up some good stories, and a few funny jokes. What is best is meeting on common ground, sharing the passion for the outdoors. Looking forward to 2014! So far it’s been a great year. We welcomed it in, fishing in a favorite spot on the Sound. A glorious sun rise and calm water, a few good fish, and many laughs and stories with good people.

Capt. Matt







I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We have had much to be thankful for, and for one your support and company is at top of Tyee Charters list. We have had a great showing of resident and transient Orcas over the past few weeks. Some of the shows have left us slack jawed and breathless. Winter Blackmouth fishing has been very good for us. Mostly fishing in the central parts of MA 10, but some good days as well in MA 9. Flashers and 3.5″ Kingfisher spoons have produced best.

Capt. Matt




Fishing has been good over the past few weeks for Winter Blackmouth on Puget Sound. We have been primarily fishing the MA 10 area, spoons and flashers have produced best on the outgoing tide. Find the bait and stay close. We have been finding fish in 30-130′ of water and fishing on or near bottom. Winter Steelhead have been on the move as well, migrating up Olympic Peninsula streams. The Bogachiel river has produced some decent catches lately.





Wild weather over the past few days had whipped the Sound with 30-40kt winds. Rain in excess of 8″ has brought the rivers up to record levels for September. Prior to the storm, fishing for Silvers had been great in the central parts of Puget Sound. Hootchies and flashers fished 30-90′ have produced best.